Life of an Athlete (LOA) Summer Sessions are held  annually at the United States Olympic Training Center, in Lake Placid NY. You will have a chance to experience presentations showcasing nationwide models of our Life of an Athlete program, which will allow attendees to return home to implement this athlete lifestyle program in your schools and community.

This also allows you to discuss in detail the implementation option plans for LOA. Many top nationwide LOA contacts will be attending from both sport and prevention venues, which will allow some good resources for your planning. LOA will offer in residence full room and board at the Olympic Training Center. Fee: Adults $550 Athletes $450(includes all you can eat training table food, Elite athlete accommodations) Most rooms at the USOTC are double or triple occupancy. Hotels are also available in this resort destination.

Unfortunately, our athletes are in the middle of lifestyle issues and need on-going programming to impact their choices.LOA is a powerful and impacting playbook for today’s athletes, coaches and parents.

Please join us to impact the life of athletes from across the country. You can bring this game changing program to your school and community.

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                      Life of an Athlete  Comprehensive Trainings


Student Leadership Conferences

College Presentations

Our student leadership programs have evolved into one of the most successful logic models for athlete change nationwide! Recent addition of our Navy SEAL slant gives athletes a reality check and empowers them to confront negative team dynamics! Our challenge to criteria selected potential leaders to" be the best person for your team rather than the best person on your team" has led many attendees to activate. We speak at leadership conferences nationwide!

Hundreds of NCAA programs have had John Underwood speak with their athletes and coaches as well as utilize our lifestyle and training materials, intervention services, codes of conduct.

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International Forums

   and Conferences


LOA has worked with the highest levels of sports including the entire NBA and the NBA development league as well as many NFL and NHL teams. Even  athletes in elite sports  have lifestyle issues. The average length of a professional career is 3.6 years. Most  athletes that continue their sports  careers take a more serious approach to their lifestyles.

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International Programs beyond our work in the USA, we have begun work in other countries! We have produced a television documentary for Globo TV in Brazil prior to speaking at the Elite Sport Symposium in Rio de Janeiro that was seen by twenty nine million viewers! We then presented our program to the worldwide Olympic membership in Rio to rave reviews! This led to an invitation to speak in Romania and our Human Performance Project was launched in Europe. We also made presentations to the Romanian Special Police.  We have also given numerous programs in Finland, where we retain deep roots to some of the world's best sport scientists. The Sport Institute of Finland at Vierumaki has continued to support our work with International speaking opportunities to students and coaches over the past decade. In November we will speak at the thirtieth International Strength and Power Coaches Clinic in Kuortane! We have shared our materials on alcohol prevention with the Russian Ministry of Health and the Ukraine. Sport Canada has utilized our materials in both athlete and coaches education in most of their training centres. We made presentations last year in Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver. African nations of Malawi, Kenya and South Africa have requested our HPP materials. The quote by Human Performance expert Pierre de Hillerin

" This information is not just for sport , but for all human beings" is the true reality of our Human Performance Project work! The world needs our program and materials! Our goal is to help people realize that lifestyle is changing and not all for the better!



Our middle and high school programs have been utilized in 39 states! Our programs have also gone statewide in NY, OK, NH, and NM! We have addressed the NFHSAA and the Department of Education as well as most state Athletic Directors conferences. Our NM program has been evaluated and we have been designated for service to science for our NH Life of an Athlete program! For the past 15 years LOA has travelled the nation informing parents, coaches, administrators and student athletes on lifestyle choices and their impact on mental and physical performance. Our science based program stands alone as the most utilized Life Skills program in sport!


Coaches' Clinics

The coaches' clinics are performed througout the country around the year ;

Presnenters: John Underwood, Jason Larson, Anthony Page, Shaun Hulls.


Tentative topics of the coaches clinics: Age related trainability, general endurance and skills, warm up/warm down,

periodization, planning workout sessions, peaking training, action Plan, 5 bio-motor skills, mixing training types ,do’s and don’t’s.

TEAM LEADERS: choosing team leaders, setting expectations, building team unity, positively confronting behaviors of concern

RECOVERY METHODS: post training nutritional recovery, power back diet, time, duration, intensity & purpose, optimizing performance, SWOT Analysis, scientific feedback without high level technology, etc...

High School Presentations, Addressing Parents and Communitites

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We advise the top programs in the nation, including Alabama Football.

Read Coach Saban's "Thank you" letter on the right.

Athletes need direction, focus, dedication and commttment to see ultimate success

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