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Just the Science: Alcohol is a Metabolic Poison- No Positive Effects

  • Proven Scientific Facts:

  • Alcohol increases the time for recovery of androgenic training hormones (Up to 96 hours)

  • Alcohols diuretic effect diminishes water soluble vitamins required for hormone catalytic/conversion actions

  • Human Growth Hormone release is reduced up to 70% during the sleeping hours when release is at peak levels

  • Alcohol increases the release of cortisol (the stress hormone). Cortisol negates training effect


  • Alcohol decreases the protein synthesis for muscle fiber repair 

  • Alcohol reduces the immune system capability Athletes who party get sick more often. 

  • Alcohol reduces performance potential by up to 11.4% in elite athletes and perhaps by as much as 20-30% in high school athletes 

  • Alcohol disturbs the REM time reducing the CNS restorative/recovery ability

  •  Alcohol impairs reaction time up to 12 hours after consumption 

LOA has researched this effect and the bullets are listed below:



  • Heavy episodic drinking results in projected losses of up to 14 days of training effect

  •  Alcohol negatively affects heart lungs and muscle performance

  •  Decreased verticle jump, start up speed, lateral speed, acceleration speed, explosive power, power endurance, speed endurance.

  •  Lower VO2, Total Ventilation VE, VCO2

  •  Decreased Lactic Acid dynamics related to high performance sport



Alcohol is a metabolic poison that crosses all barriers and affects all systems of the human physiology simultaneously

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