Cody WY started LOA in 2010. By that time they already had "Cody Can" Program which was a very good soil for LOA seeds.  They named it Pure Performance and made it a requirement for all activities- not just for athletes. Since that time they have won a myriad of Wyoming State Championships.  Cody H S has achieved great success in their  athletic teams and flipped the school culture so that being healthy and alcohol and drug free has become  "cool". They recently had an amazing year when they won 6 State Athletic Championships. Cody HS established an  exemplary mentoring program for elementary and middle school kids. Cody Pure Performance has been extremely creative at organizing fun events which are outstandingly popular with teenage students: such as white out dances ,  annual leadership camp, mustache competition. The 3 times a week Zero Hour early morning workouts have been copied by many schools throughout the country.  

Model Programs:

Cody, WY, Pure Performance

Cody Mentoring Trading Cards

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