Cody WY started LOA in 2010. By that time they already had "Cody Can" Program which was a very good soil for LOA seeds.  They named it Pure Performance and made it a requirement for all activities- not just for athletes. Since that time they have won a myriad of Wyoming State Championships.  Cody H S has achieved great success in their  athletic teams and flipped the school culture so that being healthy and alcohol and drug free has become  "cool". They recently had an amazing year when they won 6 State Athletic Championships. Cody HS established an  exemplary mentoring program for elementary and middle school kids. Cody Pure Performance has been extremely creative at organizing fun events which are outstandingly popular with teenage students: such as white out dances ,  annual leadership camp, mustache competition. The 3 times a week Zero Hour early morning workouts have been copied by many schools throughout the country.  

Cody, WY, Pure Performance

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The New Mexico Activities Association, with the support of the New Mexico Department of Transportation Traffic Safety Bureau and the assistance of the Life of an Athlete Human Performance Project has implemented the Life of An Athlete program because alcohol is the leading drug of abuse amongst teens in our country today. Statistics show that nearly 60% of all seniors and close to 50% of all juniors report regular drinking activity. Studies from the Life of an Athlete Human Performance Project have provided evidence that consumption of alcohol directly relates to decreased athletic performance. Alcohol consumption decreases speed, endurance, agility, strength, and concentration; all key factors in the success of an athlete.

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New Hampshire (NH) Life of an Athlete (LoA) is implemented through the NH Interscholastic Athletic Association (NHIAA) with support from the thirteen Bureau of Drug and Alcohol Services Substance Misuse Prevention Networks. NH LoA is a comprehensive prevention program which uses the intrinsic value of athletics to empower and motivate students to drive a cultural shift related to Alcohol and other Drugs (AoD) in their communities.


NH LOA Statewide Program

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Life of a Husky, Hughsom, CA

Model Programs:

Life of a Husky at Hughson HS is one of our most successful programs in the nation.This program was the Program of the Year in 2017 for Life of an Athlete - Human Performance Project.

The program is youth driven with students impacting peers to live a life of excellence in sports, activities and academics, life free of substance use, stress and conflict.

They also have an outstading group of young presenters The presentations are extremely, informative, motivational and game changing for younger students.

New Hampshire Life of an Athlete, A Program of the NHIAA, Designated as an Evidence-Based Program. For the past four years, numerous NHIAA member school principals, athletic directors, coaches, and teachers put in an enormous amount of work to both implement and participate in the evaluation of LoA. As a result of all of this hard work across the state of New Hampshire, the NH Center for Excellence’s Expert Panel approved LoA as an evidence-based program. Donna Arias, LoA Program Director at the NHIAA, said, “The evidencebased designation is a certification that the program continuously refines its process and has documented outcomes.In other words, it certifies that LoA is a good investment of time and money for schools working to

prevent substance use disorders.”