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 Sleep Studies



The diet of athletes, today is appalling! Fast food and prefab meals have reduced our nutritional content to levels that do not support growth, performance or recovery. The highly used POWER BACK DIET helps parents, student athletes and coaches teach proper nutrition for performance. What you take into your body is what you will get out of your body!

Social drug use has become the greatest threat to sport in recent decades. Athletes are simply a population within our societal population. They are actually more at risk for the use of alcohol and marijuana than non-athletes. They easily rationalize that they can use these substances and get away with it. They base their choices and decisions on this use on what their teammates do. JUST DO IT  is the norm in teams and individual sports. Pot and alcohol are preventing these athletes from reaching their potential in sport and in life. The systemic damage on hormones, heart, lungs, CNS and brain must be understood and connected to loss of performance in actual capacities that athletes utilize to perform, in order for them to consider lifestyle changes. We have the information to share with them!


Optimal is optimal and nothing else is even close. Think about the day you had your best performance ever. How did it happen? If you really wanted to fugure it out you could. For sure your heart, lungs and muscles  were functioning at a high level, but more importantly your brain and CNS (central nervous system) was sparking! We now know that the CNS is the single biggest factor in high level athletic physical performance. We have studied for more than a decade the factors that can infuence mental and physical performance in sport. Things like DIET and SLEEP and BLOOD GLUCOSE LEVELS and STRESS and FOCUS and ALCOHOL and MARIJUANA. These are lifestyle issues that can be an advantage or hold you from success. All athletes, young and old need to understand how much these little things can make big things happen.

Being at your best!

Social Drug Use

Without any question, the more you sleep the better you will perform! The CNS and brain need 1 1/2 -2 1/2 hours of REM sleep each night to repair neuronal damage and reboot the brains energy levels. Once an athlete has built up a sleep defiecit, the body cannot function at an optimal level. Understanding the importance of sleep is a huge advantage for athletes to succeed. Often this is the reason individuals and teams experience "random performance".


If you can make them care more about the positives... they will also care more about the negetives!!!