A former NCAA All-American, International-level distance runner and World Masters Champion, John has coached or advised more than two dozen Olympians including many World and Olympic Champions. He holds three International Olympic Solidarity diplomas for coaching and has been a crusader for drug-free sport at all levels. John is an internationally recognized human performance expert, specializing in recovery, peaking training and lifestyle impact on mental and physical performance.  John’s innovative programs Human Performance Project and “Life of an Athlete”, have gained international prominence. He has appeared as a guest commentator for ABC Wide World of Sports for Olympic Drug Scandals.He has also written model codes of conduct for athlete behaviors of concern.


John Underwood-Director/Founder Life of an Athlete-

    Pure Performance-Human Performance Project    


 Christine Sloat 

heads up our nutrition project. She is very convincing when she shares with the audience her recipes for  great workouts, recovery  and diet.

 John has worked with nearly all sport federations including the Department of Education, DEA, Department of Justice, National Federation of High School Athletics, NCAA, NHL, NFL, NBA, the U.S. Olympic Committee, Finland, Japan, Austria, South Africa, Brazil, Taiwan, Romania Olympic Committees, Sport Canada and the International Olympic Committee. John Underwood has been Human Performance Consultant for the U.S. Navy SEALS the US Air Force and other Special Military Projects. Most recently John Underwood addressed the world Olympic body at the ASPC Elite Sport Forum in Durban South Africa, He is also a consultant and frequent presenter to Olympic sport science agencies worldwide.


Christine Sloat, MS, RD, CDN Christine is a Registered Dietitian and former Division I Cross Country and Track Athlete.  She  received  her  Bachelor’s  Degree  in  Dietetics  from  the  University  of Delaware and completed both her Dietetic Internship and Master’s Degree at Sage Graduate School in Troy, NY. As  a  student-athlete Christine  learned  the  value of heakthy eating  for  an  active lifestyle.  

Her experiences  in  pediatric  nutrition  research have focused on the dietary needs of children and young adults for optimal healthy growth. Dedication to a healthy lifestyle  both on and off the track has led Christine  in a lifelong commitment to youth health and wellness through the Life of an Athlete Program.Christine  also  has  her own business, Nutritious  Notions  LLC,  for  which she provides nutrition counseling to individuals and groups aimed at dietary goals. She also a regular consultant for many local businesses and media regarding diet and nutrition

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Life of an Athlete Human Performance Project has been constantly looking for the most recent research in the important aspects of young people's lives like nutrition, sleep, training, recover, etc.

It has created the manuals that have been constantly updated and used  by many high performance populations.