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With the end of the opioid crisis nowhere in sight, HPP has created an educational module for high school students and athletes. The purpose is to deliver a comprehensive overview of opioid use by students and athletes, that helps them comprehend the deadly ramifications of opioids and to  understand how to accentuate prevention efforts to create awareness and instill harm reducing strategies.


Establish a priority order of harm

reducing strategies that need to be employed by community schools teachers coaches, athletes and parents.

Understand policies and administrational

actions that can protect students and athletes from opioid use, dependence and addiction.

The States  of New Jersey and California were recently briefed on the HPP Opioid Module.

Take a proactive approach by bringing this information to your schools. You might save some lives!


HPP Opioid Education



After 20 year of prevention education efforts LOA has spread nationally and worldwide, sharing science based studies associated with optimal mental and physical performance, creating culture shifts and developing team centered approaches to excellence.