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Human Performance


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 LOA National Summer Session 2018, July 2-5

You are hereby invited to join us for the 19th Annual Life of an Athlete Summer Session to be held at the United States Training Center in Lake Placid, NY.


We have spent the past two decades changing lifestyles through Life of an Athlete and The Human Performance Project!


We all have known someone who had amazing talent and wasted it or watered it down or threw it away due to poor health habits  drugs or alcohol or maybe they had no work ethic or motivation to turn their gift into greatness… We all have known someone who got caught up in the use and abuse of drugs and ruined their health or life or dreams… Our program is a game changer.

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New Hampshire Life of an Athlete, A Program of the NHIAA, Designated as an Evidence-Based Program. For the past four years, numerous NHIAA member school principals, athletic directors, coaches, and teachers put in an enormous amount of work to both implement and participate in the evaluation of LoA. As a result of all of this hard work across the state of New Hampshire, the NH Center for Excellence’s Expert Panel approved LoA as an evidence-based program. Donna Arias, LoA Program Director at the NHIAA, said, “The evidencebased designation is a certification that the program continuously refines its process and has documented outcomes. In other words, it certifies that LoA is a good investment of time and money for schools working to

prevent substance use disorders.”

Evidence Based!

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We advise the top programs in the nation, including Alabama Football.

Read Coach Saban's "Thank you" letter on the right.

Athletes need direction, focus, dedication and commttment to see ultimate success

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The Hughson, CA, High A Team is as good as it gets in kids impacting kids! These amazing Committed and caring kids put on a freshman day for 9th graders at HHS to help mentor freshman and share lifestyle logic they can use to be successful and avert behaviors of concern! These presenters are pros! Natural presenters that sparkle and shine. Just WOW!

Hughson High School, CA.

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